Saturday, December 20, 2014

A Most Wonderful Season! Thank you to our Audience and Sponsors!

Thanks to the lovely crowd who time traveled with us through 300 years of American Christmastide music and history last night...our concert was very well attended and went beautifully! We are so happy to make music with you all!

Cuba is opening up, finally

 Cuba ...

I sang in Cuba for two weeks several years ago. It was a very weird trip (it didn't help that I became quite ill the second week). Jim tried to call me from the USA at one point during my tour, and was told that the country "didn't exist."
We may go back together someday and revisit.

Photos copyright 2002 Maggi Smith-Dalton

Sunday, December 14, 2014

300 years of Christmastide in America concert program Thursday, Dec. 18, 7 pm, Framingham Public Library (MA)

Come join us this Thursday Evening, 7 pm at the Framingham Public Library (MA) for a journey through 300 years of American music and History celebrating the Season of Light and Love, aka Christmastide!

Free and Open to the Public
This is a program we have performed live all across the United States for many years, and is one of our all-time favorites to offer!