Tuesday, February 16, 2016

A metaphor for our times

Springlike warmth after the subzero cold! A benediction. Yesterday the goldfinch returned to our feeders after long, long absence. I haven’t seen (although I have heard) a chickadee in months. This past summer, new neighbors cut down a magnificent soaring old pine tree, habitat for so many birds and other creatures which kept our garden alive and colorful. I mourned the tree, and I have mourned the subsequent disappearance of many old friends who formerly visited our backyard feeders. They fled the violent death of a tree which has grown on the edge of our two properties for generations. A metaphor for our times, when wars of all kinds rage.

The gardener longs to till the soil, but must wait a while longer. Meanwhile, the warmth caresses my face and hands as I fill the feeders I have kept stocked as best I could while the weather itself seemed to wage war.

But blessings have returned, and I am grateful for them.

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